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Engage your audience with Social CRM

Connect, engage, find leads, and sell more when you manage and monitor your social media with Touchpoint.

Manage your social media

View, post, manage and track your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn activity with the Touchpoint Social Dashboard. Schedule posts, view your analytics, and engage your audience right within Touchpoint.

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Join the conversation

Social CRM integrates social media with your contacts. You want to know when your contacts like, share, and message you on social media channels, and you want to know what effect it has on your business.

With Touchpoint’s Social CRM, social interactions flow directly into your contacts’ CRM records. This means our powerful lead scoring, predictive analytics, and marketing automation tools can come into play immediately. When your marketing and sales are connected to your social media, your reach is broader, your engagement becomes more personal, and your leads and clients will react positively to you.

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