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Grow your sales and marketing with text messages and inbound call management

Businesses that implement multi-channel sales and marketing strategies stay competitive and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

SMS/MMS Marketing

Become a master mobile marketer within minutes with Touchpoint’s text message marketing feature.

Reach out to your contacts no matter where they are. Send your marketing messages directly to your contacts cell phones via SMS or MMS. Schedule an SMS/MMS broadcast or send one immediately. It’s up to you and only takes a couple mouse-clicks. You can also track your text messages to see how well they are being received.

sms campaigns

Inbound and Outbound Call Management

The conversations you have with your customers are important, as is the experience they get when calling your company. With inbound call management, you can easily setup phone trees, forward calls to the appropriate department, transcribe and record calls so that you have every detail about the conversations you have. You can also use our click-to-call features that allow your sales team to leave automatic messages or directly call contacts within your CRM.

lead scoring
Set up a phone tree so your customer’s calls direct to proper place