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Maximize productivity with integrated project management

Reach your highest productivity and stay organized with Touchpoint’s project management tools

Touchpoint’s project management tool is the hub where all departments within your organization stay connected and up-to-date on current projects.

project management

Encourage teamwork and transparency with cross-functional projects

If you have a cross-functional team, you can keep detailed notes and project updates in one spot so everyone has access to it and is always on the same page. Clients can even log in and check the status of their project.

active projects

Stay organized and keep your team accountable with task assignments

The team leader is able to assign tasks to others on the team and even the client. This keeps everyone on top of their tasks and avoids work duplication.

project details

Never miss a deadline and stay on top of your tasks

You can assign tasks and deadlines so that everyone on your team will be informed of all future and past deadlines. Having all deadlines in one place keeps everyone aware and accountable of their tasks.

task reminder

Set up automatic email reminders alerting you of your tasks

Track important information about your tasks and projects 

All messages, posts and notes are stored in one spot so that no one is missing important information. Your team and clients are able to contribute to the conversation and update projects quickly and easily. All updates to projects can have hours associated with them, so you can also keep track of everyone’s hours spent on particular tasks and projects.

project updates

Upload files, log your hours, and explain certain tasks or updates you have for a project

Keep your progress reports consistent when you utilize pre-defined project templates

Setting up new projects and tasks is simple if you want to work from a pre-defined template. Do you already have a set process for managing clients, projects, or complex events? It’s simple – projects and tasks can be relative to each other (e.g., a progress report due 3 weeks after a project start) and can be copied.

copy tasks

Copy tasks over from an existing project to a new project you are working on

Integrating CRM into your project management helps keep all parties involved on a project up-to-date on deadlines, tasks and information.


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