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Streamline and Simplify with Powerful Marketing Automation

Save time and drive your success with Touchpoint’s marketing automation tools

Marketing automation allows you to set up processes that help you work more efficiently. Every Touchpoint account includes state-of-the-art, yet simple to implement tools to get you there. Start saving time by taking a look at how they can work for you.

Learn how Touchpoint’s marketing automation can help you

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Our automation tools are easily set up in your forms, websites, videos, and more. To make things even easier, use Touchpoint’s visualization tool to graphically view all of your marketing automation.

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See graphically how your marketing automation is designed

Because Touchpoint combines CRM with marketing automation, you can connect your marketing and sales processes together using CRM workflows. You are able to activate workflows using a wide range of triggers including: forms, website visits, clicking a link in an email, watching a video, purchasing something, and much more.

Reasons to implement marketing automation

Marketing Automation vs Email Service Providers

There is a big difference between an email service provider (e.g., Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, iContact, etc) and software like Touchpoint that allows for true marketing automation. ESPs focus on simple newsletter building, sending, and tracking. In business, it’s known as “batch and blast,” and the most common side effect is that it doesn’t have any direct or measurable impact on sales or success.

Touchpoint’s integration solution to your sales and marketing brings your communication to another level. You still get all the newsletter building, sending, and tracking tools, with the added power that comes from Touchpoint’s marketing automation and multi-channel marketing methods (post-click tracking, landing pages, automatic CRM integration, mobile messaging, etc).

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Let’s build your business with Touchpoint’s marketing tools!